Food & Beverage

Our Restaurant & Coffee House

High standard of food, accompanied by highly favorable prices is what you’ll find in our restaurant! We offer three menus to choose from: a la carte, traditional/ fast food menu, and take away menu. Below you can find photos of some of our dishes. 

On the other area, from the morning coffee to late drinks, our coffee house will be the place for you to chill in a cozy environment 24 hours.

Tasty Breakfast

We offer breakfast on order from a menu containing a great variety of food (more than 30 items) for different preferences. Breakfast for hotel guests is free of charge.

Birthdays & Events

Our attention to details, which can be seen anywhere in your eye reach, characterizes the event planning in our hotel. Our events are completely based on the preferences of our guests/clients, which we work to incorporate as much as possible to make the event as you imagine it, and with our specialty we add the little things to perfection your idea.

Unique Facilities such as japanese garden

Our whole concept is being unique, starting from the exterior, which we have build to provide you a peaceful, colorful, and biodiverse environment. One of the most unique areas that you’ll find in Kosovo is our Japanese Garden at the entrance of the hotel, made with a high level of perfection andfocus in details, rarely found in any other place in Kosovo. 

Our Food Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of food is to see visit us or click in the link below: